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The Belgian Food Company is a company that was founded in 2017 by Mr Max Van Coillie. The company was founded in order to form a link between Belgium and abroad. The main drive behind the foundation of the company is the willingness to introduce the high quality Belgian products to the world.

Both founders are young entrepreneurs that have been in FMCG for 5 years. Following some time exporting and importing wide ranges of products, the specialization of Zelfa and Max is found in challenging and difficult to enter markets. Due to the international experience, the company already has a vast knowledge of food importers around the globe which can be activated quickly.

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Sales & Representation Consultancy
  • Vast experience in Middle East, Africa & Eastern Europe
  • Multilingual
  • Specialised in FMCG
  • Existing distribution networks
Export Strategy Consultancy
Food Export
  • Strong networks Belgian FMCG producers
  • Knowledge of local logistics
  • Near Port of Antwerp

Belgian Food Company Brands for Export

In the first place

The company offers to represent Belgian FMCG producers towards abroad in order to boost sales by using the expertise of existing trade networks, as well as the building of new ones. The company’s main focus lies on business expansion towards the Middle East and Africa.

In the second place

The Belgian Food Company stands as a reference for foreign importers who require Belgian quality products. With the knowledge of what top quality Belgian companies can offer the best products, we can assist in the supply to anywhere worldwide.


We offer a basis of own branded Belgian quality products that can be consolidated worldwide. We offer the best quality at the best possible price besides a consistent supply


We can offer advice to anyone who is starting to export. What products should the company focus on exporting? What products might be successful where? What is the correct exporting strategy for my brand? – These are all questions that we can answer.

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