Max van Coillie

"A Passion for International Business & Politics"

I was born in Antwerp and from an entrepreneurial family with an international background and focused mainly on languages, cultures, networking and business development. As from a young age of 11, I went to secondary school in the United Kingdom where I completed both my GCSE’s and A-levels with much success at the King’s School Canterbury. After this, I returned to Belgium to continue my passion for foreign languages and cultures. There, I enrolled in the Bachelor’s course for Arabic and Islamic Studies as this course gives me the opportunity to have a different intake from the majority of students that often choose more regular studies. During my studies I have also been co-founder of the startup Quruu which was focused on surveying and CRM building. My role within this startup was mainly focused on business development and marketing, two things for which I have a true passion. The fact that I am very social and my ability to think outside the box are fundamental to my success within this department.

From there on, I worked for 3 years at The Belgian Chocolate Group where I was responsible for the export across Middle East, Africa & Southern Europe, Since mid- 2018 I started the role as export/sales manager at Belmoca, also for the Southern European, African & Middle Eastern markets.

In the long run it is my mission to become a bridge between the EU and the MENA region as I believe there is much potential, to optimisation of links between these regions not only on a socio-economical but also political level.

FMCG – Confectionary -Coffee

Dutch – English – Arabic – French – Spanisch

Regions in trading : Middle-East – Africa – Southern Europe

Politics – Economics