The Belgian Food Revolution

We bring Belgium to you

We represent the best for the best

We find it important to only represent the highest quality food products from Belgium in order to stay true to the Belgian promise of quality food

Because Belgian Food Is Great!

It is sometimes said that Belgian food is served in the quantity of German cuisine but with the quality of French food. So why not just go fully Belgian?!


The Belgian Food Company aims to become a reference in the industry for supplying the best Belgian products with enormous flexibility.


We at The Belgian Food Company find it crucial to work with the utmost transparency towards both the suppliers we work with, as well as our customers. Transparency is key to building long lasting partnerships.


We bring Belgium to you

Offering the best selection of Belgian foods, without the insecurities.

No more language barriers, no more logistic issues, best quality products guaranteed.

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Sales & Representation Consultancy
  • Vast experience in Middle East, Africa & Eastern Europe
  • Multilingual
  • Specialised in FMCG
  • Existing distribution networks

Belgian Food Company Brands for Export

  • Belgian Food Company own Brands
  • Quick delivery
  • Consolidation of different product types
  • Guarantee of best quality
Food Export
  • Strong networks Belgian FMCG producers
  • Knowledge of local logistics
  • Near Port of Antwerp
Export Strategy Consultancy
  • Joint experience exceeding 6 years in Exportation
  • Speciality in difficult to enter markets
  • Product knowledge in wide variety of FMCG
  • Expert approach

Belgian Snacks


Belgian Beverages


Belgian Coffee


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We’re your preferred partner.

Our team is flexible and has the hands on approach, as well as the mentality to assist you and your company in order to push its export presence in difficult to enter markets such as the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe. We are able to offer you a competitive edge due to experience, breaking through language barriers and having existing networks.